Increasing numbers of members have been asking us about how to integrate Legal Tech solutions into their daily practice. For many, the implementation is handled in a different way, which can create uncertainty.

Over several years, Legal Tech trends and best practices have been shared and discussed by our Legal Tech Practice Group, co-chaired by Sigrid Windmolders (company lawyer at Microsoft), Donovan Sheppard (company lawyer at Mastercard), and Igor Makedonsky (company lawyer at Proximus).
While we all know that Legal Tech is not a ‘magic tool’, the IBJ-IJE would like to assist its members by giving guidance about the tools needed to start working more with Legal Tech and gaining the needed confidence 'to move mountains'.

That was why in 2022 we successfully launched, together with our 6 Legal Tech partners, a series of 6 interactive webinars that have since had more than 700 participants.

We are currently preparing the 2024 edition with a new programme. Stay tuned. An update will follow soon.