The Institute

The Institute of Company lawyers (IBJ-IJE), established by law on 1 March 2000, is the Belgian professional association for company lawyers and has more than 2300 members.

The IBJ-IJE represents and protects the interests of the profession in general and of the company lawyer in particular. Company lawyers have a protected title and their legal advice to their employer is confidential. Company lawyers are subject to their own professional code of ethics, which guarantees their intellectual independence and continued training.

After all, the company lawyer’s role and function are unique. As a company lawyer, you are employed by your company. As an ‘insider’ you are familiar with the sector, the services and/or goods, your company’s processes, people and culture. You think proactively and contribute to achieving the company's mission from a legal point of view. Specifically because you work from within the company, you can so effectively and proactively advise your employer. The great thing about this profession is that you function as a business partner and as a gatekeeper of your company’s integrity. As a company lawyer, you therefore also have a role of general interest: you see to it that the company complies with the law, and so you contribute to the rule of law.

As an indispensable, dynamic network, the IBJ-IJE aims to create a bond for its members and serve as a sounding-board where experiences can be exchanged and information regarding the latest trends and developments can be shared. Thus, in 2021, the IBJ-IJE organised +/- 100 activities, in cooperation with its loyal partners and working groups.

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