10 reasons for joining the IBJ-IJE

As a company lawyer, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Protected title
    You bear the protected title of ‘juriste d'entreprise' (French) / 'bedrijfsjurist' (Dutch). This means that you are registered on the IBJ-IJE’s list of members, that you respect the professional rules of conduct/deontological rules and that you recognise the IBJ-IJE's professional discipline.

  2. Confidentiality of advice
    You enjoy ‘legal privilege’: by law, the legal advice that you provide to your employer is confidential.

  3. Legal costs insurance
    You are protected by a collective legal costs insurance within the framework of your professional activity as a company lawyer. This legal aid insurance is intended to guarantee intellectual independence.

  4. Code of Ethics
    As a company lawyer, you are subject to a professional code of ethics. The IBJ-IJE offers you a course to explain this subject further.

  5. Networking
    As an IBJ-IJE member, you are part of a network of more than 2000 company lawyers and other legal practitioners. Together with our valued partners, we organise various events each year where you can meet and exchange views.

  6. Practice Groups
    The Practice Groups are the IBJ-IJE’s ‘beating heart’. In our Practice Groups, you can exchange knowledge, experience and best practices with practising lawyers within a specific field of law or within a specific sector. For young company lawyers, we also introduce you to AJJA; this association of young company lawyers forms a dynamic network to further develop your career and your professional development.

  7. Permanent Education
    Our continuing education offers you, as a company lawyer, substantial added value in practising your profession. The offer is very diverse and includes free training and webinars. As a company lawyer, you are obliged to take part in the Continuing Education Programme. You can also participate in the unique training courses of the Legal Soft Skills Academy, specially tailored for in-house lawyers, which enable you to further develop your cross-functional skills. With this initiative, the IBJ wishes to focus attention on training with non-legal content, in particular soft skills, which are becoming increasingly important.

  8. The IBJ-IJE in your region
    We bring the IBJ-IJE closer to you. Thanks to our regional approach, the IBJ-IJE is not only active in Brussels, but as a member you can also enjoy our activities in your own region.

  9. Legal information
    In our monthly newsletter, you can read all about the planned IBJ-IJE activities and other networking activities, about our training courses and about certain current legal developments. You can also follow the IBJ-IJE via our website, via MyIJE and via LinkedIn.

  10. Your voice counts
    As a company lawyer, you have the opportunity to make your voice heard. In doing so, you can contribute to the further professionalisation of our profession, with greater social impact


  1. Law degree
    You hold a master's degree, a licentiate degree or a doctorate in law or in notarial law, issued by a Belgian university or an equivalent foreign degree.

  2. Employment contract
    You are linked by an employment contract or statute to an employer who carries out an economic, social, administrative or scientific activity in Belgium, in the public or private sector. This employer is an enterprise, an association of enterprises or an institution with legal personality

  3. Mainly legal responsibilities

    You provide studies and opinions, draft deeds, provide advice and legal assistance for the benefit of this employer, its affiliated companies or institutions, its associations or members. You will find here a summary of the conditions applicable to IBJ-IJE membership fees. Your main responsibilities are legal.

  4. Intellectual independence 

    You practice the profession of company lawyer with complete intellectual independence. 



The annual membership fee for company lawyers is 414 € for each calendar year started (if you join the IBJ-IJE from 1 July, you will only pay 207 € for the calendar year of your registration). You will find here a summary of the conditions applicable to the IBJ-IJE’s membership fees.

For your membership application to be considered at the Council meeting, the complete application must reach us in sufficient time. Please find below the respective deadlines for receipt of the application for each Council meeting.




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