Do you not fulfil all the conditions for becoming an IBJ-IJE Company lawyer? Then join the IBJ-IJE as an Associate Member.

Since the General Assembly of 8 June 2020, we have had the pleasure of welcoming 3 new categories of Associate Members to the IBJ-IJE: lawyers working for a company on a self-employed basis, lawyers working for an entity exercising public power, and paralegals.


As an Associate Member of the IBJ-IJE, you enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Title of “Associate Member of the IBJ-IJE”
    You have the title of “Associate Member of the IBJ-IJE”. This means that you are registered on the list of Associate Members of the IBJ-IJE and, in particular, that you comply with the IBJ-IJE's professional ethics rules and the IBJ-IJE's Permanent Education rules.

  2. Networking
    As an IBJ-IJE Associate Member, you are part of a network of more than 2000 company lawyers, associate members and other legal practitioners. Together with our valued partners, we organise various events each year where you can meet and exchange views..

  3. Practice Groups
    Provided your application is accepted, you will have access to the Practice Groups. In our Practice Groups, you can exchange knowledge, experience and best practices with practising lawyers within a specific field of law or within a specific sector. A specific Practice Group for Associate Member paralegals will be established.

  4. Permanent Education
    Our Permanent Education programme offers you, as an Associate Member, significant added value in the practice of your profession. The offer is very diverse and includes free training and webinars. As an Associate Member, you are obliged to participate in Permanent Education.

  5. Legal information

    In our monthly newsletter, you can read all about planned IBJ-IJE activities and other networking activities, about our training courses and about certain current legal developments. You can also follow the IBJ-IJE via our website, via MyIJE and via LinkedIn.

As an Associate Member of our organisation, you must comply with the IBJ-IJE's Associate Members’ regulations. In some cases, access to certain activities or services is reserved for Company lawyers

Admission requirements for :